Environmental Policy

The Management of Suministros Técnicos Galicia, S.L. (SUTEGA), makes the following statement in respect to the environmental principles which comprise its Environmental Policy, as it conducts its activities in furniture sales:

1. The minimization of impact on the environment is an integral part of the Company’s objectives and strategies.
2. A policy of respect and permanent commitment is upheld by the Management, regarding the legislation, environmental regulations, and other requisites. There is also a policy of appropriate development of procedures for continued improvement in the Environment.
3. The Company is committed to identifying, evaluating, and controlling environmental components, especially those of great significance.
4. The Company is permanently committed to continuous improvement of our environmental conduct and prevention of contamination.
5. The Company commits to continuous environmental training of staff in the organization, facilitating necessary knowledge, so as they can go about their activities with the maximum of respect for the environment.
6. Technical and scientific knowledge will be used to minimize the environmental impact of our design processes and services, aiming for constant improvement in environmental quality.
7. Environmental criteria will be analyzed and taken into account when evaluating and deciding on investments.
8. The Company endeavours to carry out good practices, minimizing the production of residues and maximizing recycling, recovery, and reuse.
9. A policy of fluid conversation will be established with the authorities, local communities, and general public, allowing us to be aware of the real time effect of our operations and environmental policy, and we will respond positively to legitimate requests for information.
10. The Company will establish a system of disclosure to employees, of the environmental policies, through the following channels:
.Distribution of documentation of the environmental management system: manual, standards, sheets, instructions, and support.
.Development of an environmental conscience in the organization through suitable training and motivational programs.
.Full disclosure at all levels, of the evolution of indices and parameters which measure the efficacy of the Environmental Management System.
11. The SUTEGA management will, each year, set environmental objectives, analyze the fulfillment of those objectives at the end of each period, and will review the suitability and efficacy of the Environmental Management System.
12. The Company will devote the facilities, human resources, and necessary materials for the attainment of the established environmental objectives.
13. The SUTEGA Management will make sure that the environmental policy is available to the public by placing it in a visible spot on all installations.

On January 3rd 2011
Approved by the SUTEGA Management